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Night Call
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Monkey Moon
Raw Fury
Release date(s)
17 July 2019

Night Call is an investigative noire game with two goals: solve a murder mystery and make enough money to pay your bills. Your shift starts at night and ends at daybreak, as you try to earn enough to pay for your cab, your apartment, and just make a living. But when the police investigation gets nowhere, the officer in charge forces you to help by doing what you do best: getting passengers to talk in the little time that you have their attention.

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The two roles you must play (investigator and cabbie) each have a set of priorities that may at times conflict with each other. You need to get enough information from the right passengers - but you only have them for so much time. Pick up the right passengers and ask the right questions to obtain new clues. Follow the right leads and uncover new info about the suspects... And never forget that your life is in the balance.

Can you solve the mystery before it’s too late? Better hurry - both the clock and the meter are running…

Release date[edit | edit source]

  • 17 July, 2019

Game support[edit | edit source]

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